the blog stack team


Aakash Kumar

Hi! this is Aakash Kumar, I’m not much educated yet but a professional Digital Marketer. My journey of the job started as a call center executive. But slowly as I grew up I had seen a lot of things in my surroundings. And after the pressure of being an ordinary CCE. I decided to jump into the business management profession but I didn’t like that too. And one day, one of my friends doing a job called SEO. And back in 2015 those days, I don’t know much about digital marketing. But suddenly I liked my friend’s job and then I decided that I also want to do that Digital Marketing.

And then my journey started. I pursue my passion, by watching YouTube videos and learning from eBooks, PDFs, etc. And then I decided to also pursue a Digital Marketing course. But no institute teaches what students want. And then I get my first job in Sai Internet Marketing as an SEO executive. And then I learned a lot of things and sharpened myself.

And right now I am a Digital Marketing professional. I deliver on-page and off-page optimization for clients.

Making strategies and implementing them in order to get the best result for clients’ selected keywords which include internal linking, blog posting, on-page optimization, off-page optimization, meta tag optimization, and all techniques to improve website ranking on Google’s first page.

And after that much struggle, I decided to start my own blog called “The Blog Stack” which is one website made with love and handled carefully by the two of us. And we’ll try our best to make this normal blog a brand soon. So keep supporting and sharing.


Abhijeet Thakur

Hi! this is Abhijeet Thakur, a B.Tech graduate by education but a digital marketer and well-groomed content writer by profession. This journey of becoming a digital marketer started in the initial days of my college where I and my friend started a startup website by the name of ‘Likelyfad ‘. I learned all the basics of SEO and Blogging while working on this website and soon I developed a strong passion for it. So, I decided to pursue a career in it. Talking about “The Blog Stack” it is our dream project. A humble try to make it big in the digital market industry.