How to download photos from Instagram to a computer

How to Download Photos from Instagram to a Computer

Want to download photos from Instagram, but don’t know how? We will teach you how to upload pictures to a computer and smartphone. Let’s talk about the best applications and cloud services for download. You will have an effective tool to download your favorite photos from Instagram. You can download any content. Stop pulling the rubber – let’s get down to business.


How to download Instagram photos one at a time

Meet the convenient service – Ig Video Downloader. It is always available on the official resource. If you need to upload a specific photo, there is nothing simpler than this service. At the moment, the site is absolutely free and works on all devices, unless, of course, you have a prehistoric computer.

Ig Video Downloader does not impose unnecessary programs and antiviruses. It does not require installation on the device and works online.

To download a photo from Instagram:

  • Copy the snapshot address from the top field of the browser to the active field. You are unlikely to get confused because the window is one for the entire page.
  • Press the “Download” button, and after a couple of seconds another button will appear – “Download Image”. Click on it and upload the photo to the desired folder.

What could be easier? This method works on all devices that have at least some browsers. Even obscene obsolete gadgets will do.

How to download photos from Instagram to PC

The previous cloud service is undoubtedly convenient. But what if you need to upload ten pictures at a time? Or is your business tied to a photo and need constant access to star accounts? Then do not be too lazy to install 4K Stogram on your PC.

According to the developers, the program allows you to download photos from “Instagram” without any problems. You will have the opportunity to access other people’s accounts, download hashtags, and Instagram locations. Using 4K Stogram is as easy as uploading photos through a browser:

  • Install the program on the PC, run.
  • In the window that appears, copy the address of the Instagram account of interest.
  • The service will download all the pictures available on the page, and you can move them to the desired folder.

How to Download Photos from Instagram to an Android Device

With the advent of smartphones, the need to use a computer has disappeared by itself. Viewing photos through the Instagram application is a favorite pastime of girls. How to download a photo you like on a smartphone if the program does not support a similar function?

Any third-party application installed from Google Play will come to the rescue. Choose a program with caution, do not download a virus or cracker. You risk losing your account, and with it other personal data.

In our opinion, here is a nice and safe application – Fast Save. Nothing more, the application is made in the style of minimalism, both in terms of interface and functionality. Just fill in the necessary Instagram account address and download photos to your device.

The application is free, there is a paid version without ads and with additional amenities in the form of automatic uploading of pictures. If you have extra money, do not be too lazy to buy – it will not disappear from you, and the developer an extra penny.

How to Download Instagram Photos to an iOS Device

Lovers of “apples” were a little less fortunate: a closed system and an overload of paid services have their limitations. Nevertheless, programmers found loopholes in the system and were able to circumvent the prohibitions. It’s not a pity to pay for a good photo, just Instagram doesn’t work like that. You have to contrive with the help of third-party software.

InstaGrab is an ideal installer for Instagram photos: it is suitable for different iPhone models and impresses with minimal advertising. To use the application loader, you need to tinker a bit:

  • Copy the link address of the desired photo in the official Instagram and exit to your home table.
  • Click on the InstaGrab icon, and the application immediately prompts you to download a memorable photo from Instagram. The same trick goes with video content.

More functional regarding downloading multiple photos at once is the InstaSaver application. There is only one problem: the application is only available in the US App Store. The installed program allows you to download at least all the photos from the page. The only limitation is the number of profiles. Connecting more than one account requires a paid version.

All of these methods are legal. No need to hack into the operating system, ROOT smartphone and arrange other “dances with a tambourine.” Even if they seemed too complicated, just take a screenshot of the home screen when viewing the photo. The method for the laziest, of course, is the “result” corresponding. Good luck and enjoy your photoshoots!

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