skills to learn in this lockdown period

Top 10 Skills to Learn in This Lockdown Period

Getting bored amidst this lockdown period? Well, we suggest you to gainfully utilize this period to empower yourself. All of us have been making excuses of not having ample amount of time to enhance ourselves for ages. So, here is your time to step ahead and learn whatever you have wanted to learn all these years or anything that excites you. Today The Blog Stack has come up with the top 10 skills to learn in this lockdown period. Have a look.

1) New Language

learn different language in this lockdown

Learning a new language has always been everyone’s dream.  A new language can not only help you in self-development but it also helps you to stand out among your friends and colleague. Learning a new language enhances your cognitive capabilities, which helps you to quickly grasp the new concepts.

You can learn new languages from various Android apps and online websites for absolutely free.

2) WordPress Development

skills to learn wordpress development

In today’s digital world websites have become an integral part of every profession. Every organization/business/individuals want to have a website of their own. And WordPress is the biggest and one of the most popular tools for website creation. Learning WordPress development requires zero coding knowledge. So, learning it can open you a whole new world of opportunities.

It can be learned free of cost on various youtube channels and online websites.

3) Basic Computer Skills

learn basic computer skills in this lockdown

This one is especially for students and new professionals. Learning basic computer skills is a must in today’s generation. Computers skills like Ms office( Excel, Word, Paint) graphics, multimedia and spreadsheets gives you the understanding of the most popular, current technologies used at home and in the workplace

4) Cooking

learn cooking in this lockdown period

I know you are low on groceries but trust me this is the time to get creative with your cooking. Google the recipes and try to cook them for yourself and your family. Cooking is the best stress buster and if you make it your hobby then it is surely going to help you even when this lockdown period gets over.

5) Start a Personal Blog

learn how to blog in this lockdown

Trust me, staring a personal blog and thinking that people are actually going to read and share your stuff is an amazing feeling. You may not want to be a professional blogger or content writer but you can start a personal blog about whatever you feel you are good at. Food, travel, tech, entertainment and lifestyle blogs are some of the most commonly followed blogs.

6) Communication Skills

learn communication skills in this lockdown period

Good communication skill is a must-have in today’s life. Developing communication skills is important for both professional and private life. Having good knowledge is not enough if you are not capable of making effective communication.

You can follow different youtubers and motivational speakers to enhance your communication skills.

7) Photography

learn photography in this lockdown

Who doesn’t like clicking photographs but have you ever thought of turning it up into a new skill set? If yes, then here is a good news for you. Many websites and companies like Nikon have made all their premium course free during this lockdown period. So, you guys can easily get best learning from these platforms.

8) Personality Development

develop your personality in this lockdown period

Personality Development can help an individual to reach his full potential. It can boost your confidence and help you in acheiving you new feats in both personal and professional life. Constantly working on your personality can also you in developing work ethics and leadership skills.

9) Learning New Software Programs

learn software development in this lockdown period

You can impress your colleagues and friends after this lockdown by showcasing them new useful software that you have learned. App or software like Canva, Buzzsumo, Photoshop, Coral draw etc. These are few softwares that can help you to upgrade your working in office. You may also get appraisals at your workplace.

10) Poem Writing

learn poem writing in this lockdown period

Poem writing has tremendous therapeutic and creative value.  It is an image based-writing that can improve your imagination power. I belive that poets see this world with a different angle. You guys should also try your hands in penning down your emotions and feelings on paper. Listening poems on youtube or reading it on various website can help you build your basic understanding of poem writing.

So, guys that is it for this post of ‘Top 10 skills to learn in this lockdown period’. I hope you guys have enjoyed reading it. If you did then don’t forget to share it with your friends. Follow our website on all social platforms to get more entertaining stuffs like this.



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