best diwali creative social campaigns by brands

16 Creative Diwali Social Media Campaigns by Brands

Hey peeps, I hope the Diwali fever isn’t over yet and all of you are enjoying this extended weekend holiday. Diwali week is the favorite week of all of us. And our Diwali celebrations are incomplete without shopping. From Jewelleries, wearings and sweets to electronics, furniture we do a hell lot of shopping. So, this creates a perfect opportunity for all the brands to connect with their customers. They run many social media ad campaigns. Each year we see many funny and witty social media posts in the form of Gifs, images and videos from these brands. So here in this post, we have brought you guys the list of most creative Diwali social media campaigns by Big Brands.

Top 16 most creative Diwali social media campaigns

1) Feviquick

Feviquick wished Diwali in a very quirky way and I found it the funniest one in this list. Isn’t it?

fevikwik diwali social post


HDFC ERGO brought a special recipe of Awesomosas fo us. Don’t forget to give it a try :p

3) OYO

OYO has come up with a message of ‘More light and less sound.

oyo diwali social post

4) Subway

Subway wishes you a very Happy Diwali with minimalistic effects.

5) Modern

Modern kinda wish from Modern Foods. Those who are unaware of this brand Modernfoods is a Gurgaon based food company. It specializes in Bun and Pav.

modern diwali social post

6) Probrust

A beautiful gif with a message of ‘Burn Crackers not Calories’. Probrust deals in gym products and supplements.

7) Wok to Walk

Clearly, there’s no harm in burning this Wok to Walk’s special ‘rockets’.

wok to walk diwali post

8) Dairy milk

Light up your sky DairyMilk’s joy and sweetness.

9) Zomato

Nice catchlines by Zomato to make your girl feel special.

zomato diwali social post

10) OLA

I would definitely like to visit this route. Tum me se koi gaya ho to zarur btana :p

11) Manforce

Ahm! Ahm! No comments needed. You know how to play 😛

manforce diwali social post

12) American Tourister

Creativity at its best. American Tourister carved an ‘Anaar bomb’ out of their luggage bag.

13) Paisabazaar

Simple or Deep meaning?

paisa bazaar diwali social post

14) Durex

Double Dhamaka? What you mean by double dhamaka? And why double rocket in a single bottle? So confusing Durex, please elaborate 😛

durex diwali social post

15) Burger King

Sorry, Burger King no non-veg on Diwali though tasting fire sounds fascinating.

burger king diwali social post

16) Parle

Oh! here is the new tastier way to decorate your house.

parle diwali social post

So, guys, these were some creative Diwali social media campaigns by big brands and our quirky comments on it. I hope you guys liked it. Don’t forget to share it with your friends and family.

Also, you can share your views with us in the comment section below. Follow us to get more funny and entertaining posts like this.

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