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DesignEvo: An online Tool to Make Logos Like a Pro

If you want to start your own business or build an online store, do you still want to create a logo? In this generation of Internet popularity, the official website page must now have an impressive logo, so that people can see this logo and immediately associate it with a certain brand. However, for entrepreneurs who do not know how to design a logo. Mostly, it is faster to take money directly to find a designer. Still, maybe you may have your own ideas and want to create it yourself, and then perhaps online logo makers can help you a lot.


Logo inspiration material

designevo logo maker tool

The inspiration for designing logos is from communicating and discussing with designers, brainstorming ideas from the team, and collecting materials on the Internet, books, etc. Also, the gallery is one of the inspiration sources for design logos. Image memory is easy to imprint on the human brain. If you don’t have any ideas about the design of the Logo at the beginning, it is recommended to refer to the Logo inspiration library to find a style that is closer to your own.

There will be many types for our reference, such as coffee style, shopping website or travel, and other types of logo design.

As said above, making logos with online tools is a good idea. Therefore, DesignEvo, one of the best logo makers is going to show how this kind of platform works.

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Then, what is DesignEvo?

DesignEvo is a web-based tool developed by PearlMountain Limited. Featuring millions of icons and shapes, 10,000 ready templates, backgrounds, spoiled for choice to design. I am most impressed by the drag and drop feature for a very convenient setting. You can save online for later editing without fear of losing the manuscript. This post will share with you how to use DesignEvo to design professional logos.

The logo is a visual image of the company’s brand. An impressive Logo not only helps establish a brand identity but also builds customer confidence and tells a clear view of the company’s culture. However, logo design is not easy and it often requires a lot of time, talent, and money. But the good news is that with DesignEvo will help you to simplify the cumbersome process of logo design and significantly reduce costs.

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How to customize the logo with DesignEvo in simple steps

First, we will go over the features of DesignEvo. Here you can learn more about logo colors, logo fonts other essentials. It will level up your logo design skills and help you create a great logo to brand your business successfully.

Colors: There is a color palette to combine to choose the right logo color scheme for your brand.

Fonts: More than 100 various logo fonts consisted of classic and art. You can apply one or two fonts to your logo.

Background: You can create a logo with solid colors or gradient colors.

Icon and shape: Millions of free vector icons and choose your favorite template to start logo design.

Editor: Simple but powerful for you to design.

Logo Template: Get creative ideas from rich logo templates and customize them to create a personalized logo design.

Save to the cloud: Save the logo online without any difficulty. You can access and redesign them at any time.

Download Logo: After the design is complete, you can download it for use with PNG and JPG files.

And now, let’s get to learn how to manage this tool.

First, you need to visit the logo templates page. Here you will see the sample logo templates available, and divided by the theme of each other. You only need to select the topic to design on the left. The right side will appear the template for you. 

Next, you can enter your logo name and slogan for your brand. If no, choose Skip.

After accessing the design interface, you will add icon, text, shape, and background to your liking.

Now choose the icon you like and drag it across the design layout.

Next, add Text, Background, the shape if necessary.

When the design is complete, click the Preview button to review the designed logo. DesignEvo will create mockups for your logo printed on shirts, books, websites, mailing cards, visiting cards.

After the design is complete, select and the Save button to save the template, if you like, you can edit it later.

If you want to download it to use, then click the Download button.


To conclude

DesignEvo is a quite professional logo design website, especially the rich icons and shape warehouses. You are free to design your ideas like a pro.

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