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How Can We See Live Activities on Kids Mobile?

Nowadays, almost every other child has a mobile. Working parents give their children mobiles so they can monitor them. Keep track of who they are meeting and where they are going. Also, children use their parent’s mobiles to play games or to contact their friends, etc.

Even kids have their accounts on Facebook, and they know the use of everything. It’s good that kids know the use of mobile, they can contact their parents right away in times of trouble. But the disadvantage is that children start to tend towards the wrong things.

Like bullying others or being bullied or being threatened or watching inappropriate material, etc. Which affects both mental and physical health as well.

To protect kids from such harmful things, TheOneSpy (an outstanding spy software) facilitates users with unique features to live to monitor all activities of kids. Let’s look, how TOS helps parents to monitor kids’ activities.

TheOneSpy Kids Monitoring App

TheOneSpy cell phone spy app provides outstanding features for kids monitoring. It empowers the parents to spy on all live activities of their kids on their mobile. Parents can monitor all verbal and non-verbal communications in real-time.

Parents can track to whom their kids are meeting, where they are going, which sites they are visiting and what are their kid’s interests, etc.

Let’s look at the unique features of TOS which enables the parents to watch live activities.

  • Call Logs

Parents can listen to live phone calls from their kids. They can also monitor the incoming and outgoing calls with date time and contact number.

  • Message Tracker

It empowers the parents to watch live chatting. Parents can also monitor who is texting to their kids or to whom their kids are texting. They can also monitor which kind of language they are using in conversation.

  • Spy on contacts

It allows the parents to spy on all saved contacts in their kids’ mobile. They can also watch which contacts are unknown or which contacts are harmful to their kids. If someone is disturbing their kids, parents can block that contact automatically.

  • Live screen recorder

Working parents can use it efficiently as it empowers them to send command of recording live activities. TOS records 1-minute short back-to-back videos on a parent’s demand.

  • Live 360 camera viewers

It allows the parents to view live surrounding activities of their kids by getting access to both front and back cameras.

  • Live 360 surrounding listeners

It empowers parents to listen to the live surroundings of kids. Parents can listen to whom their kids are talking about, which kind of gossip or whispering is going.

  • Email tracker

With TOS live monitoring app parents can watch live emails. They can spy on all incoming and outgoing mails. Parents can check whether or not their children are submitting their assignments on time.

  • GPS location tracker

GPS location trackers empower the parents to watch the live location of their kids. They can monitor where their kids are going. If kids go to clubs or parties by lying to parents, so parents can prevent them from doing so.

  • Geo-Fencing

It allows the parents to put alarms on restricted areas. If kids will go to a restricted area, an instant alert will be automatically sent to the user’s cloud account.

  • Keystrokes

It allows the parents to spy on all keys typed by their kids. They can detect secret passwords, account usernames, and other secret activities.

  • Social media monitoring

It gives real-time access to the overall social account of kids. Parents can watch what their kids posting, who are their social friends, which type of content their kids like.

Besides all that parents can also get a history of any specific or all activities with time and date. Parents can also block unknown or if anyone threatens their kids of their kids bully to anyone. Parents can get real-time results and can protect their kids from harm before the situation gets difficult.


It turns out that TOS cell phone spy app is the best software that provides true parental control over their kid’s device. It’s reliable and efficient features empower the user to live monitor kids activities. TOS’s innovative features are the reason behind its popularity among parents and other people.

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