website must haves in 2020

10 Must Have for a Business Website In 2020 With Infographics

Must-Have For Your Website in 2020

  1. A unique design
  2. Performance and usability
  3. Copywriting
  4. Search engine optimization
  5. Must Responsive
  6. Social Media Integration
  7. Link building
  8. XML sitemaps
  9. Effective CTA
  10. Security

You’re planning to develop a website. The website is a way to tell the world about your product, services, knowledge, opinion and much more. So, what should you think about must-have on your website? 2019 is almost on the end, and through this year many technologies updated. If we talk about website development a lot of changes you can see must-have on your website. Because without these must-have website things you cannot compete with your competitor.

Your competitors also want to be on the top list of google. That’s why you to follow these must-have for a make a good website in 2020. Keep read because number 9 is a very important must-have for your business.

list of must-have in your website infographics

Following Elements You Must Have on Your Website in 2020

1) A Unique Website Designs

The first thing everyone noticed is the design of your website. unique website deisgnYour website must have a unique design to stand out in a crowd. Your website must be eye-catching with a clear and straight message. Every user loves creative graphics, attractive photos, and content with information. These points let any users explore more on your website and love to spend more time.


2) Performance, Usability and Website Speed

Performance, Usability and Website SpeedWhere your website has a unique and attractive website, on the other hand, your website should have a fast speed to load. Your website must have easily usable UI. According to Google, your website must be load within 3sec.



These tools can help you to measure your website speed –

  • Google’s website speed test tool
  • GTmetrix
  • Pingdom

When any user visits your website, make sure they can easily navigate your website. Users should be able to navigate your menu and any other pages easily. Make sure are links work properly, they should not be broken or redirect to any spammy websites. Because this will happen the impact of your website will be negative. And that the user cannot come to your website again.

3) An Awesome Copywriting

copywritingThe other must-have on the website is a brilliant copywriting of your content. It means on your website the content is written with the purpose of selling to customers. Not just content and paragraphs but some effective and relevant content that teach your users, inform them with your content. That can make them help to make decisions with your company or your service.

You should have to give your customers trust in your business. Don’t let them down just because of poor content writing.

Your website must have

  • real and genuine customer reviews
  • awards you won
  • On-site chat box in the bottom left or right.

This practice may help you to convert your users into your customers. Just by creating trust, authority, and esteem. And then these customers do your advertisement by “Word of Mouth” one of the best marketing techniques.

4) SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – to be found on the web

SEO search engine optimization

If you search for anything on Google search engine you see results from 1 to 10. These top websites are on top result just because of SEO or you can also say search engine optimization. This is the must-have thing for your website in 2020 and so on. SEO is not stoppable. This is the way to make your website visible on Google SERP. In SEO your website is going through some process called on-page SEO and off-page SEO.

An SEO expert and any SEO agency near you can do work for you. Your website must be optimized according to the Google guide. Otherwise, your website will be penalized and disappears from the Google search result page.

Some basics of SEO is

  • Keyword Research
  • Optimized Title tag and description tag
  • Proper URL structure.
  • Optimized Alt text.
  • Keyword density must be under 4%
  • Thousands of backlinks point to your website which increases your website authority.

These above tips can help your website to rank on google first page. So this is must-have for your website in 2020.

5) Your Website Must Be Responsive

website must be responsiveAnother must-have is, your website must be mobile-friendly. Because Google recently rolls out mobile-first indexing. It means Google is indexing pages according to mobile instead of desktop. Because 80% of people use smartphones and access the web from their mobile phones. That’s why Google gives mobile-first priority. So, your website is must be responsive which can open easily in any dimension of the device.


6) Incorporate Social Media

Social Media IntegrationHow anyone can trust your business if that person hasn’t seen anything about you in his entire life? What you can do before purchasing any product that goes with any business service? Simply you go to the internet and research about that company. First, you go to Google and then some other popular social media platforms like – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. And then you analyze their profiles, their customer reviews, responses of their service from their customers, their growth on social media profiles. In simple words, if you go to any business social media profile and see a few likes around 30. And their profile image is different or disappear, then suddenly you decide to not go with that business. That’s why you have to keep updated on all social media profiles.

7) Link Building

link buildingAs a customer is important for your business the traffic is also a must-have thing for your website. Link building is just a part of SEO. In this technique, what you have to do is, just try to get a link back from a high authority website to your website. This link building strategy sends a signal to Google that your website is a quality resource worthy of citation.

All of the off-page activity in SEO is a process for building links. Some of the popular techniques are social bookmarking, submit content to another website with hyperlink of your website URL, create infographics, article submission and many more. If you want help you can also try some SEO tools for link building. These tools analyze your competitor and give you ideas for link building. Some of the popular tools are – SEMrush, MOZ, Cognitive SEO, SEOpressor.

8) XML Sitemaps

must have xml sitemap for websiteIf we talk about the number eight of must-have on your website is XML sitemap. XML stands for an extensible markup language. XML sitemap contains all of the URL which you want to show on google search engine result. This XML file allows the search engine to crawl your website more efficiently. This is one of the mandatory must-haves for your website. Because if you cannot put an XML sitemap on your website the Google Bot is unable to understand your website. And without this, your website can’t be rank on google.

How to locate a sitemap on your website?

Effective CTA

must have effective call to action in website

Everyone loves to convert their users into a permanent customer. Through your website, how you can convert your user into a lead? The other must-have a thing you need on your website is CTA and you can be called “Call to Action”. Just because of an effective CTA you can convert your user into a lead and sell your product or service.

According to Wikipedia –

“Call to action is a marketing term used extensively in advertising and selling. It refers to any device designed to prompt an immediate response or encourage an immediate sale.”

If you don’t implement a good and effective CTA on your website then maybe you can lose your customer.

Typical Call-to-Action Phrases:

Call to action phrases use action verbs, like:

  • Sign-Up
  • Register
  • Call
  • Subscribe
  • Donate
  • Buy
  • Order
  • Share
  • Follow
  • Download
  • Click here for

In exchange for these above CTA, consumers give you his details like phone number, email, name etc. So, you can contact them in the future to sell your product and your service.

Security or Secure Website

SSL certificate for website securityWhat will you do if you see something insecure sign in red color on other websites? You just hit the back button and will not visit again. This is just due to a lack of security. What gives your website a secure tag? An SSL certificate, SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. How to have an SSL certificate for your website? You just need to contact your hosting provider, they will provide you an SSL certificate for your website.

So as a business website this is also a must-have for your website to make it secure. Because without this, google cannot let your website open easily in the browser. So you must have to be a secure website.


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