Let’s go to one of the five highest mountains in the world- Everest Base Camp

One of The Five Highest Mountains in The World – Everest Base Camp

Located in the lap of the world’s highest mountain Mount Everest (at an altitude of 8848 m), Everest Base Camp is one of the most traveled and difficult treks in the world. At an altitude of 5,364 m above from the sea level, Everest Base Camp is happened to be an avid trekker’s delight. The weather isn’t constant and is always changing there as per hour. 

trekking to base camp Mount Everest

Upon reaching the Everest Base Camp, you can view the Mount Everest from its closest point. 

More than one lakh mountain-lovers do this trek. But only a few people know that Everest Base Camp is inside the Sagarmatha National Park, which is in the list of UNESCO world heritage sites.

Region- Nepal

Altitude- 29,035 feet

Distance- km

Time took- 10 to 15 days (depends on your speed)

Grade- Difficult

Age range- 15 to 60 years olds

Best time to visit- April to June and September to mid-November

Starting point- Lukla

base camp trekking of Mount Everest

Best Time to do the Mount Everest Base Camp Trek-

Now it is up to you. Everest Base Camp will be delighted to welcome at any time of the year. But the best months to do this trek are considered from April to June (Pre-monsoon) and September to mid-November (Post monsoon), when rain doesn’t make the trail slippery and the snow doesn’t start to settle.

Mount Everest climbing

Difficulty Level of Trekking –

Well for an avid trekker, it would be moderate to difficult trek but for an ordinary person, it would be an extremely difficult trek. With an elevation of 29,035 feet above sea level, Everest Base Camp is the major highlight of an avid trekker’s career. 

highest peak Mount Everest

Though trekking has nothing to do with mountaineering or rock climbing, it is just another word we use for walking in the mountains. But of course, trekking in the Everest Base Camp is quite painful but worthy.  As on the trails, you might face many difficulties like slippery path, uneven trails, land sliding and it might bring occasional tumble like twisting your ankle or even worse.

river near Mount Everest

To avoid falling and injuries related to trekking, if you are doing exercises and can walk 10 to 12 km in the plains in a single day, then you can make it. But do consult your doctor before doing it.  

How to Reach Everest Base Camp-

Lukla is the base point of Everest Base Camp, leading you through the Khumbu valley to the Everest Base Camp. 

highest mountains in the world- Everest

You need to catch public transport (bus) or hire a taxi/cab from Kathmandu to reach Lukla. Kathmandu is well connected with major cities of India. So can reach Kathmandu by train, air or bus.

To reach Lukla you can also take flight from Kathmandu.

Things to carry-

The entire journey of Everest Base Camp typically lasts for 12 to 15 days, out of which you will spend 2 to 4 days on high altitude, where you might not get clean water or proper food. And cold is unbearable on the high altitude. So, pack your backpack with all the necessary items.

  1. Munching items like chips, chikki and packed food (dry fruits, chocolates) which lasts for at least two weeks
  2. Water bottleS
  3. Plastic bag- To keep the wastage and store your dirty laundry
  4. Sleeping bag or tent- You can borrow these things from Kathmandu or Lukla
  5. Hiking shoes- Water-resistant and light weighed
  6. Sneakers and Slippers- As an extra
  7. Socks and gloves (2-3 pair)
  8. Winter jacket
  9. Hiking pants, bottom pants, and t-shirts- Warm and comfortable
  10. Body wipes- Showers are limits. Wipes will help you a lot when it comes to cleaning
  11. Hand wipes
  12. Cash- it’s most important, as you won’t get any ATM on the hill
  13. Trekking poles
  14. Water purification tablets- On your way up there, you won’t get clean water to drink, so water purification tablets will help you in that
  15. Camera- To capture the moments of the trip 
  16. Flashlight with extra batteries
  17. First aid kit (including band-aids)


  1. Don’t make fun of the local traditions and cultures. Respect them
  2. Follow your team leader’s instructions and keep in close with your group
  3. If you’re traveling solo, be conscious all the time. And whenever you get phone signal, inform your family
  4. Don’t walk on an unknown path. You might get lost and couldn’t find the way back
  5. Drink no alcohol- it dehydrates your body
  6. Don’t smoke. It stresses you out without you knowing
  7. Consult your doctor before you start trekking, to know if you are perfectly fit for the trek of not


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