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How You Grow Your Instagram Following Quickly and Effectively

Instagram was acquired by Facebook in 2012 as a private, mobile image-sharing software and social network site. Instagram helps users to use a mobile app to edit and upload photos and short videos. Users can insert a caption to each of their photos and video. Every post by a user shows on the Instagram feeds of their subscribers, and when you are using hashtags or geotags, the public can also see it. Users also have the option to make their profile private so that their comments can only be seen by their followers.

Instagram has been the new destination for gaining visibility in the virtual world since Facebook improved its policy. Everyone is growing their Instagram account from local, family own businesses to large global brands. Every day, Instagram has more than 1 billion registered users. Of this, at least one business follows eighty percent of accounts. So it’s only natural that marketers want their Instagram accounts to make money.

But at that, a strong group of followers must first be formed. Further views on your posts are required, and you need to reach your audience. So how do you expand your base of Instagram fans? We have a few tips to help you get started.


Upload Good Content

Creative material is no alternative. If your content is decent, people will like your posts and comment on them. Instagram is all about the visual effects that are great. So include colors that are vibrant and frame your pictures well. Most of the caption speaks about the interests of the host or what kind of experience they can provide. Connect with users through stories of real life. So users do think they’re just looking at your content.

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Post Consistently

post consistently to increase followers on instagram

In order to increase your Instagram exposure, consistent sharing is important. Someone has studied over a three-month period of over a hundred thousand of Instagram posts. The study found that the more frequently posted social media handles saw a significant increase in the rate of engagement. In addition, their growth rates of followers have increased.


Use Hashtags

use relevant hashtags to increase your instagram reach

Your main objective on Instagram is to regularly participate in your current audience while also increasing your number of actual followers. Posting new, interesting and engaging pictures will fulfill the first requirement, but you will find it extremely necessary to have your pictures hashtagged. Hashtagging your pictures makes it easy for people to find the pictures they are looking for


Participate in Debate

participate in debate to gain instagram audience

Use a mix of topically specific hashtags like #Embroidery for a fabric company, for example, for each post, as well as common, super-popular hashtags whenever possible. The specific hashtags are like short stories or keywords, showing more willing and helping you search the right fans. You both need to make it as big and loud as Facebook on a social network.

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Create Your Own Instagram Style

create your own unique instagram post style

Wanting to blend in is human nature, but you still want to stand out on Instagram. Indian drink brand Frooti has developed such a distinctive style of interactive content that is easily recognizable whenever a user sees a Frooti message in their news feed.


Collude with Others

supporting Instagram influencers

Another great way to extend your Instagram reach and expand your business is to work with others with alliances or sponsorship. If you have the social media sponsorship budget, then marketing influencers may be appropriate for you. A classic example is a Swedish company Daniel Wellington. They expanded their Instagram after supporting Instagram influencers from 850,000 to 2.1m followers in a single year.


Be Local

be local for your instagram

Get what is going on in a particular area, say, your part of town, a city you’re aiming in ads, or even an event at a certain destination by going to the search page and selecting the search tab. Then enter the place name to see all geotagged posts for that location.

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Make some time to implement this plan on a daily basis. To me, when I’m in a taxi or waiting for a meeting to begin, it’s just 15 minutes a day. It could be a regular hour from 3 to 4 PM every day for you. Your growth in Instagram will not occur unless you spend time and effort on a daily basis, track your results, adjust what is not working, and improve your efforts constantly and persistently.

Build your own strong visual style that can be recognized. Find how you’re going to stand out and make it that way! Explore the Places section to see what’s occurring in your community locally, a city you’re targeting in advertisements, or an event at someplace. To tell other people what you want them to do with your comments, use a call to action. Find clever ways in which to share your content with individuals.


  1. This is a blog to watch for sure. I think you have a really awesome writing style by the way. Very easy to read. Your blog design is so clean too! Thank you all the hard work!

  2. Great Post. I totally agree that uploading great content is the most important thing when it comes to increasing Instagram followers. First find out what targeted audience likes, what they want to see from you and then deliver the content accordingly. You must produce quality content. Otherwise, you’ll never see the engagement you dream of. You should always keep in mind that your main goal is to add value to the lives of your followers with your photos and videos.

    I concur that consistent sharing is important. Followers love consistency, and Instagram has enough competition to make your followers forget they ever followed you. You can’t afford to post content irregularly. Keep to a posting schedule so that you don’t forget. The most effective way to maintain consistency is to schedule your Instagram posts in advance; there are tools that can help you with that.

    Cross-posting is very critical as it facilitates easier sharing of Instagram posts on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook thus creating extra exposure regarding a given brand for a business. Instagram growth may also be enhanced through the embedment of Instagram photos in blog posts or the addition of Instagram feed on a Facebook page. This leads to the development of additional discovery about an individual or company.

    By joining relevant niche groups you will definitely get the right solution to deal with great online business establishment intelligence factors. In these groups, you just have to share your fresh posts related to the products in which you are dealing online respectively.

    Embed the content in Q&A sites, hosting giveaways or reaching out to different bloggers and convincing them to include your content on their pages are some other strategies that can be used to increase Instagram followers.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative and interesting. Collude with Others sounds a great idea. I’ll work on it. I hope I achieve my chosen end results.

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