10 latest home tech gadgets

10 Latest Home Tech Gadgets Make Your Life Easy

Kohler Aquifer Refine Purification System

Kohler Aquifer Refine Purification system gadget for home

Kohler has added a smart aquifer refined water purification system for your kitchen it has a three-stage filtration system. To filter out lead mercury bacteria and viruses along with some pharmaceuticals and other contaminants with Wi-Fi connectivity. You can see your water usage filter life and have notifications about potential lakes. The aquifer refined system also connects with Amazon – through Amazon Alexa to automatically order new filters when the current filter life reaches 10%.

Wemo Wifi Smart Plug and Wemo Stage

Wemo Wifi Smart Plug gadget for home

Wemo is there was no name in home automation gathers and as a CS 2020, the company has added 200 products including a new version of a really smart plug that is even smaller than the Wemo. Mean the plug offers all the features of its predecessor and promises to automate anything you plug into it. It also supports voice control via Alexa Siri and Google’s assistant in its smaller body. The other is the women stage a scene triggering remote control that you can dock in the wall. The device can trigger Wilma scenes such as movie mode lightning or away from the light it can also trigger apple home kit scenes which opens a lot of utilities that extend beyond Remo’s own platform.

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Bosch’s Connected Refrigerators

Boschs connected refrigerators home gadget

Bosh’s brought a connected fridge with two built-in cameras while looking at the main interior of the fridge and the other the shelves on the door boss has partnered up with chef Lee. A recipe and meal planning app to develop software so the counts recognize the food in a fridge and recommend appropriate recipes. The refrigerator uses image recognition to identify items that are added or removed from the list and automatically updates the inventory list as part of the package. You can have a recommendation on the recipes based on the things that are available under-connected fridge or pantry through the shipping app this feature could potentially save your time in preparing your favorite meal.

Narwal Mop and Vacuum Robot

Narwal mop and vacuum robot gadget for home

There are a lot of robot vacuums in the market and they have been around for years but the novelty 10 is a robot vacuum that not only cleans your home but also can clear itself. This robot vacuum has two tanks one for clean water and another for dirty water it mops your floor with the clean water and then sucks up dirt on the floor. And the mop head and stores the dirty water in the second tank you can control the mop and vacuum cleaner via an app to create a layout of your home for easier navigation and hands-free cleaning experience.

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ADT Blue

home gadget ADT blue

Home security company ADT has come up with its own DIY brand blue which offers a durable camera indoor camera and outdoor camera all at one $99. The cameras are designed to work as standalone devices or together with additional DIY blue security accessories that are expected to launch later. This year the durable camera has thousands of ATP HD live streaming capability with a 180-degree field of view two-way talk motion and person detection while the indoor and outdoor camera 4080 HD Live Streaming two-way audio ends a built-in micro SD card slot for local storage. The indoor camera is supposed to listen to smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and send custom Larr to you if there is a problem.

Samsung Ballie At CES 2020

Samsung Ballie 2 at CES 2020

Samsung has unveiled a new life companion robot the Ballie at the CES 2020 which is a lifestyle robot that is aimed at giving you companionship keeping you healthy and your home secure. This robot is a rolling ball designed to help you around your home wealth also understands suit supports you and reacts to needs. The robot has a camera on the top to navigate around home and utilizes on-device AI to perform a series of tasks including home security and fitness. The Ballie can not only interact with the human and pitch with its AI but also interacts with various smart home devices that you have in your home to trigger them in to complete certain tasks. Making your home automation more autonomous the ball alive companion robot is still very much a concept and there is no word about when it will be available to the masses.

Samsung Sero

Samsung Sero for home

Our TVs have always been in landscape mode while the contents that we wash today are not limited to landscape anymore. Due to the rise of the smartphone, there are contents that need to be viewed in portrait which can be problematic while watching the content on Movie Hustle amount of TV well with sound z0. You don’t have to suffer the black bar on both sides of the TV while watching content from Tik-Tok, Instagram, Snapchat and other mobile platforms from a TV. This TV automatically rotates to either landscape or portrait mode depending on the movement. The first nurture this rotating TV has an integrated non-removable stand that also includes a 60 watt 4 pin one channel speaker system side. It has a 4k screen with quilt color and showcases artwork when not playing video contents. The TV gets connected to a Galaxy device by simply tapping into a frame of civil while for Apple users there is a remote to change between the landscape and portrait.

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Dux Alexa bed

Dux Alexa bed

Swedish luxury bread maker made an Amazon Alexa animal bed but to add unseen AI assistance into your bed. The speaker comes from still a luxurious smart speaker brand that allows you to handle the deeming of the lights to guide your evening meditation and changing the temperature for items living conditions. The brand has an app that connects with a molecule air purifier flips your smart lights and few other smart connected devices to control them from your bed the ducts Alexa bed will come in King Queen and California.

Moxie Showerhead and Smart Speaker

Moxie Showerhead and Smart Speaker

Kohler has a smart showerheads line with Hilton wired speaker if you’re someone who enjoys singing in the shower then Kohler has a new moxie showerhead for your end that has Hilton audio from Harman Kardon. This beaker is waterproof portable and detachable which attaches to magnets with a showerhead aside from listening to your favorite music while heavy shower. You can also at Alexa the fury in on the face headlines the speaker will also allow you to integrate that the Kohler connect voice control pots or you can connect to other speakers to create a more immersive sound experience. You can get the speaker for only $99 and the Alexa aníbal version will cost you only one trillion dollars for $70 more you think of a showerhead with the speaker integrated with a Malaysia voice.

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LG ThinQ Washer and Dryer

LG ThinQ Washer and Dryer

Doing laundry can be very mountainous and dull but LD is planning to make it a little easier on us with its new thinker washer and dryer with AI. This washer has smart technology that can detect the volume and says the type of fabric you are adding and automatically determine the best cycle for those specific clothes. You can also operate this washing machine by using the conversation based voice recognition technology this washer will also send maintained certifications based on your usage and will alert you if you’re doing something wrong with smart pairing. This washer will automatically send the correct setting to the compatible dryer to set the optimal settings to dry all of your clothes as well.

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