nothing phone 1

The Best Phone in World of Gadgets – Nothing Phone 1

Released Date – July 16, 2022

Weight – 193.5g

Thickness – 8.3mm

OS – Android 12, Nothing OS 1.1.0

Storage – 128GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 8GB RAM, 256GB 12GB RAM

Display size and resolution – 6.5” 1080 x 2400

Back Camera – 50MP 2160p, Front Camera – 16 MP, f/2.5

RAM and chipset – 8/12 GB RAM, Snapdragon 778G+ 5G

Battery – 4500mAh

Who is Carl Pei?

Maybe you heard about the separation of Carl Pei from the well-known brand OnePlus. And now he is back with his new phone with his own brand name called “NOTHING”.

Who is the CEO of Nothing Phone 1?

Yes, you heard it right Carl Pei is now the CEO of Nothing Phone 1.

Let’s go ahead and know about the nothing phone 1.

This white color device has a lot of different configurations you’ve never heard of. Like this phone has unique back panel which is transparent so that you can easily see the components.

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This unique designed phone is developed by nothing technology in London and assembled in China.

This phone is booming in the market the reason behind is not just its name “NOTHING” but the unique looks, appearance, and lights behind the phone.

This device has a lot of things maybe you have never seen before.

wireless charging in nothing phone 1

Image Source – Nothing Phone 1

There is a big coil in the center of this phone for wireless charging and reverse charging.

nothing phone video recording red light indicator

Image source – Twitter

This phone also has a red light indicator on the back while recording video but you can also turn it off in the phone camera setting.

This phone is very lightweight because this phone has an outer flat surface made of aluminum, not steel. This also looks like an iPhone a lot in your hand with those flat edges.

This phone also has a larger size of the power button and volume button on the other side. As you can see that the back side of this phone has notifications lights where you can set up custom patterns for calls or any notifications.

And as I mentioned before the center portion is for your wireless charging and wireless reverse charging. While charging wireless and reverse charging this gonna light up when it’s actually functioning.

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And the bottom of this phone on the back side the cable charging indicator light up when plugged in and shows on a basis of percentage of charging. It shows how much your phone has charged after plugging in with a phone charger.

If we talk about comfortability, the size is not too small not too big it’s very comfortable to hold. This phone has no bezel or you can say very less bezels. And the weight of this nothing phone 1 is around 195gm. This phone has IP53 certification.

This phone is going to have a USB type C charging port at the bottom with speakers and a sim tray also.

In the box, you’ll have cable type C to C, manuals, and a transparent sim injector tool but unfortunately, there is no charger.

nothing phone details

The android OS is very stock android with a custom wallpaper. This stock android gives you a vanilla experience which is a very good thing. This NOTHING 1 has a smooth display with a 120ghz screen fresh rate. As you know the higher the screen fresh the higher the battery usage. So, you can also lock this setting to 60ghz in the phone setting and enhance your battery usage.

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In the end, this phone has a lot of unique things which you can experience in the demo version in your nearby store if available. Or you can buy it from an online shopping portal or from the official nothing 1 phone website. If you’re planning to buy a new phone in India and your budget is around 30k+ then you can go with this phone.

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