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How To Quickly Rank on Google For More Long Tail Keywords

Hey everyone, today I’m going to share with you a quick hack that’ll help you rank for more long-tail keywords on Google.

Everyone wants to be on the first rank of Google’s first page. But only SEO experts know about how to rank on Google’s first page. There are a lot of tricks and tactics by which you can promote your website’s any page on Google’s first page. It takes a lot of time to rank on Google’s first page. But it is also depending on your keywords. Your keyword traffic, competition, volume, etc.

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There are two types of keywords Short Tail Keywords and Long Tail Keywords.

What are Short tail Keywords?

Short tail keywords are search terms made up of not more than 2 or 3 words. They are very broad keywords. You cannot recognize what they want to tell you.

Let’s look into an example – 

“Shoes” is a keyword, where you cannot recognize which type of shoes is. So, this is a short tail keyword. And if we talk about Running or Party Shoes, this is also an example of short-tail keywords.


What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are the keywords which made up of more than three words. They refer to a very specific topic. They are not broad like short-tail keywords. These long-tail 3 and four keywords phrases are very specific to any topic.

For example – 

If you’re a customer and looking for shoes but in your place and for running in the winter season. Then you use to search like “running shoes for winter in Delhi”. This is known as long-tail keywords.

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For analyzing the keywords for your web page to rank on google. You’ve to signup for Google Search Console. This is a free app from Google to analyze traffic and clicks on your web pages. This app also shows you any errors you have on your website. Google search console also shows you what keywords you’re ranking for. With this app, you can also improve your website SEO.


Here is the report that looks like this.

google search console report

For your website you’ve to click on “open report” in the bottom right in from of “Search Result”. 

After clicking on the open report, click on “PAGES” and then it’ll look like this – 

google search console pages report

After that click on the first link shows under the “pages” section where I’ve “https://theblogstack.com/digital-marketing/top-high-da-forum-submission-sites-list/” this is the first number. Because this page shows maximum clicks and impressions. Just after this step click on the “Queries” section which shows the keywords your page ranked for. This page gets traffic from random keywords (see below image).

google search console queries section

As the above image shows the queries that ended up ranking for are “forum submission sites”.


If I’m going to search “forum submission sites

google search result

It shows 8th ranking on Google first page


But what if I search for related queries like “free forum submission sites list” then Google shows 7th ranking on the first page.

google SERP


So, as you have seen these search terms ended up ranking on the first page of Google. You can also rank your page on long-tail keywords.

That’s how if you search for any irrelevant keywords my page would not come on Google’s first page. 

If you want to rank your web page on Google first page you have to do the following things-

Go and first analyze your keywords on Ubersuggest or Google Keywords Planning tool. If you search for your keywords it’ll show you other relevant keywords. It’ll end up giving you data on that term, such as search volume, trends, and other keywords.


Let’s take an example if I type in “Affiliate Marketing” then you will have data on this keyword. And you’ll also have relevant keywords given below. In Ubersuggest click on view all keyword ideas then it’ll show you different relevant keywords.

affiliate marketing for Amazon,

affiliate marketing Amazon, with Amazon,

affiliate marketing programs,

companies with affiliate marketing,

affiliate marketing for beginners,

affiliate marketing companies.

You can also take keywords from suggestions by google at the end of the SERP this is also known as “LSI keywords”.

LSI keywords


After taking keywords you need to write an article with these keywords and upload it to your website. Please take care to put keywords on the following placed in your article – 

  • Put a keyword in the main title
  • Put a keyword in your H1 tag
  • Put a keyword in the first 100 words
  • Use LSI keywords in your article.
  • Use a keyword in Title Tag
  • Use a keyword in the Description tag.


After uploading the article there is a trick you can follow to rank easily. If you go back to Ubersuggest or Google Keyword Planner. Where you have many other keywords related to that particular article. You can also pick any other keyword with a different variation.

These keyword analysis tools give you a lot of similar and different variations. You can take similar other variation keywords and write an article to rank on it. In this case, it would be affiliate marketing, and then would go into different niches like 

affiliate marketing for Amazon

affiliate marketing companies

maybe like affiliate marketing for YouTube, or courses.

or how to get started with affiliate marketing.

There’s a lot of options.


Maybe you’ll have to write 3,4 or 5 articles related to that topic. If you have already covered the main topic and main keyword and then you can write a related article which more depth details. Google will know that your article has all of the details and when you link your other article to the main one. Then Google slowly shows your article on the first page just because of relevancy.

And then you’ll start ranking for these long-tail keywords. But these longer-tail terms don’t get as much traffic as the short-tail keywords, but when you add them all up, it generates more traffic. In most cases, longtail keywords generate more traffic than short-tail keywords.

So, go and do these above things to rank your website on the first page with long-tail keywords. If you have any query please do comment. You can also go and check out another informative article that can help you.


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