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YouTube – Modern Time Encyclopedia

Mr. X – How to make a cake or cookie or muffin or any dessert?

Everybody – Google it and you will get the answer.

But the reality is that the answer to Mr. X’s question is YouTube.

YouTube has emerged as a platform that can get you the answers to all your questions and that too practically or we can say in the form of videos that gives that much clarity and understanding that anybody can’t get after just reading the answer from Google. 

How to make money? How to make a documentary? Upcoming Marvel movies in 2020-2021? Want to listen to any song? Want to feel what virtual reality is? What are the best applications of the decade? SEO trends in 2020? How to grow Instagram followers? How to make money online?  What are the top 10 upcoming movies in Bollywood? Want to understand any topic related to any subject? Upcoming movies of Akshay Kumar? 

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All these questions and even an unending list of questions and the answer is only one YouTube.

Technology has been developed to such an extent that everything has started to be online. The education system of our country is also changing with the change in technology, if a student is having any doubt or even wants to understand any topic he or she can get the videos related to the query on it and get clarity. Persons who are preparing for the different exams can also get the videos for the syllabus of that exam.

Not only the education system but as we know Gaming is the emerging sector in many countries, it helps a gamer to showcase his or her skills on the same and even earn money by making his or her channel and adding his or her videos.

Indian people are very fond of eating different and new things and it acts as a burden on ladies of different houses, but to reduce the burden on the females of a house, it has different videos to make many unique things and even recipes to almost every dish which will easily satisfy the people of a house. 

As time is passing, every next day we can see some new gadgets around us and many of us would not have information on how to use it, and for this also it has videos which can help you with different gadgets and technology and all the information to it. With the increase in the population of the country, restaurants are building up at a very fast rate and as a person or a food lover, it is very important to have the information about the new restaurants and even the best restaurants around you, so people can get all the information related to it also on YouTube.

People or we can say emerging researchers can also get information related to whatever topic they want to research on whether it is climatic trends, impact of wars, recession, etc. These are just a handful of things and if we talk about the whole list, it is that long that you can’t even count as this platform is a very diversified platform. 

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Also, not only it helps you in getting information but it helps in connecting with different people also by allowing them to comment on videos, share them, like them, making their own channels, etc. So, in short, as we used to use the encyclopedia in earlier times for having information about a single subject, it is acting and working as a Modern Encyclopedia that provides information not only about one subject but about all the subjects you can think about.

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Lakshay Choudhary is a Youtuber who has created many videos on roasting as well as comedy. This YouTuber shared his knowledge through this article and give valuable ways how to rank the youtube channel on top position. He has also bought youtube subscribers by buyyoutubesubscribers. You can also buy it and rank your youtube channel.


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