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All SEO Trends To Look For In 2020 [Must Visit]

In recent days many new websites are been launched every day, hence to lead in the competition you must look for better content and think about SEO. The website that is being created must satisfy search engine requirements, which is more important. In this blog, we have discussed the SEO trends to look for in 2020, which will help you know recent trends in SEO.

  1. Featured Snippets

2020 seo trend - feature snippet

Google helps to get your search result in an advanced way through featured snippets, that will make your searching experience better.

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The featured snippets always appear above the organic result, and it is also called as position 0. When you want to gain more visitors to the website, then you must make your website to provide clear and short answers. Depending on the content of your website Google will assign the position. There is a survey that shows 54.68% of clicks are redirected for the featured snippet websites, they help to drive more organic visitors for the website.

  1. Influencer Marketing

SEO trend 2020 - influence marketing

People always believe in trusted persons instead of interrupting advertisements. The role of influencer marketing has grown in recent days. The survey conducted by Linqua shows 39% of marketers increased through influencer marketing in 2018 and 30% online marketers spend $25k and $50k for influencer marketing. They help your content and website to reach many retrieve more organic traffic for the website and also get backlinks, it is the major factor Google considers for web page ranking.

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  1. Website Security

website security for seo trend in 2020

People always prefer to enter a website that is secure, when they can see “Not secure” they will leave the website this will increase the bounce rate and in turn affects the ranking. The HTTPS helps the website to provide a secure connection with encryption and authentication, according to Google “HTTPS helps to prevent intruders from tampering with the communications between websites and users browsers”.

Website security is an important aspect that must be assured for users. Their many vulnerabilities arise everyday simultaneously where new security measures are implemented.

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  1. Voice Search Optimization

voice search optimization for SEO 2020

The increase in the use of smartphones the voice search is becoming more popular. These voice searches are not only used in a smartphone, but they can also be used in Amazon Echo, Samsung Smart Tv, Ipad’s, etc. When you optimize your website for searching using voice search, they bring more traffic to the site. Even though voice search optimization is a challenging one since it must fetch information relevant to the search. It has been forecasted that in 2020 the 50% internet searches will be through voice only.

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  1. Optimizing Website to Support Mobile UX

Optimizing Website to Support Mobile UX

The smartphone advancement has made people find there searched through the mobile itself. Hence the websites must be compatible with the mobile searched also, if your website does not have a mobile version then you will lose users. There is a survey that shows 4 in 5 use mobile to find the result for their questions.

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  1. CTR And Dwell Time

CTR And Dwell Time for 2020 SEO trend

The click-through rates for the website and dwell time is the amount of time that a user spends on a website before the bounce time, this will increase the SEO effort for the website. These two factors are the important one that satisfies the web searchers, the length of the time a person spends on the website decides that how interesting your content is and find the exact information they look for.

  1. Content Quality and Length

content is quality for 2020 seo trend

For effective SEO content quality is an essential thing, users always look for relevant and useful information. Google always ranks your website high in the search engines when your website has useful contents. The studies have shown that when an article has more than 2000 words then Google will make the website position top, not only high word count is not only required, they must contain high-quality information.


The blog has detailed about SEO trends to look for in 2020, these factors help to make your website rank in a high position. SEO has become an important aspect that helps to rank at the top, considering these points will help to make your website in position 1.



  1. The world of SEO can change in the blink of an eye. Staying up to date with the latest SEO trends for 2020 and beyond is really important. Thanks for sharing

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