What is Blockchain technology and how it will help us in future

What Is Blockchain Technology And How It Will Help Us In Future?

In this digital era, technology has been witnessing an emerging growth at a rapid pace. One of the major achievements of technology is cryptocurrency. It all started back in 2008, when an anonymous user with a pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto, uploaded pseudocode named as Bitcoin. Blockchain is considered as an incorruptible digital ledger that is determined to record financial transactions and everything of value, virtually.

People gradually realized that blockchain technology is not just about currencies, it can eventually change the graph of market capitalization. As to know how actually blockchain technology works, one must know the basics of this technology. Data is stored in a central database, where people have access to add or edit the data. Blockchain allows users to store data in a decentralized manner that is accessible to every user. The data might be cryptocurrency or any other data of value. As it is open-source, anyone can change or hack the code. Rush up and check out the classic Harley Quinn Costume.

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The biggest innovation of science

Blockchain is undoubtedly one of the biggest innovations in science. The mass collaboration of a distributed database which doesn’t involve any institute or establishment to settle the payment or transaction, through a clever code is certainly appreciable. The economy has been digitalized globally. The innovation which has come forward with blockchain technology has introduced an exchange of value, affecting businesses of banking, marketing, manufacturing, and energy.

Advantages of Blockchain Technology

  1. Transparency

In the blockchain, the data is accessible to every user on a centralized database. Each individual member would be able to witness any change in the record. The peer to peer transaction would be free from the involvement of any third party. Both the parties would be able to verify the other party’s assets and information, which makes the entire process transparent.

  1. Programmability

Blockchain technology has been working on a set of code lines which is self-executing. The rules of the contract are witnessed, verified by the rules that are set by the blockchain technology and then execute the contract. The elimination of human effort and cost is being transmitted along with speeding up the processes.

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  1. Authentication

The transactions performed in a blockchain are unchangeable, which makes the transaction secure and virtually unhackable.

  1. Permanency

Once the data is entered into the ledger and is forwarded into the blockchain, it cannot be removed, canceled or reversed.

How Blockchain will help us in the future?

How Blockchain will help us in the future

As technologies are offering advanced features and easing the previous methods of doing business, blockchain is considered to have a positive impact on every profession in the upcoming era. The power of eliminating the middleman from transactions and making a big change in primary organizations is what the blockchain technology withholds. The following are the industries which will have a strong impact on blockchain technology and will be useful for us in the future, once blockchain technology is adopted by our industry:

  1. Real Estate

The business of real estate requires paperwork, intermediaries, agents, lawyers, and companies for the entire process to run through. Through blockchain technology, the entire process of real estate management can be automated for verifications and contracts which would make it less prone to frauds and assaults. The costly intermediaries and manpower would be eliminated by blockchain technology, saving big bucks and chances of errors.

  1. Financial Services

Today, major financial institutions are investing in blockchain technology as they know what impact blockchain technology is about to impose on financial services. Investment banks, lawyers, auditors, exchange operators, and financial printers can be easily eliminated by blockchain technology, benefiting the industry itself. IPO market and venture capital are also affected by blockchain technology.

  1. Cybersecurity

The risks of cyberattacks and cyberthreats can be eliminated by blockchain technology. As the digital era has been in continuous evolution, blockchain technology has an unbreachable security system, which hackers and scammers are in search to break, but haven’t found a way to break the wall of the unbreachable system. The cybersecurity firm will be securing a profitable future with the increased efforts of blockchain technology.

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  1. Health Care

With blockchain technology, the health care records will be secure from hackers and scammers. Medical blockchain solutions have the audacity to generate insights into the health care system to ensure a beneficial and effective system to serve the ones who need help. As electronic medical records will be initiated, better outcomes resulting to support health care for patients and improved efficiencies will be witnessed.

  1. Global Logistics and Shipping

Including carriers, shippers, drivers, terminals and many more, the movement of goods require more than 30 parties to be involved in the entire procedure. Through blockchain technology, the efficiency of the procedure can be increased by reducing the cost and the struggle to accomplish the entire process.

  1. Pharmaceuticals

The supply chain of the pharmaceutical industry is quite complex and large. It requires the involvement of manufacturers to distributors, wholesalers, retailers, customers and many more. There is no way to identify the authenticity of the entire supply chain. Through blockchain technology, the industry can be welcomed with integrity, transparency, and traceability to the supply chain.

Blockchain technology has a whole other world of benefits and leverages for industries involving finance, business, health care, logistics, and several others. Introducing blockchain technology to empower our industries will ensure a traceable and transparent look into the entire supply chain process. It is most likely that blockchain technology will be welcomed and adopted by our generation in the upcoming years, which would result in a beneficial form for the industries and consumers. If you have been thinking to invest in blockchain technology, then this is the right time to do so. Replicating manpower, blockchain technology will introduce an automated system for the buyers and retailers, resulting in a beneficial business contract, reducing costs and eliminating the factors leading to threats scams and frauds.

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